All the COOL Kids Are Doing It

Do as Senator Davis would...


Well, here we are…  Never thought we’d enter the realm of the blog, but maybe we have been neglecting oneself.  Can’t fight technological change forever.  No more envelopes and stamps (as if this lazy ass would ever use those), or going to the newspaper for some, well, news…

Instead, we are in a world guided by instant tellers, gratification, coffee and the like.  In other words, when people want things, they wanted them yesterday.  Anything before that is unacceptable.  We’ve got our drive-ins, drive-bys and drive-thrus.  Convenience is key!  Hell, even the way we write these days is in short form, and so…


Chew has always been in search of ways to express myself, whether it be through words, pictures, music or any other available medium, but never considered this.

For the most part, much time and energy has been wasted away by posting our being up on Fassbook, but that’s like playing charades with Helen Keller.  Funk that!  Time to move on.  In fact, Fassbook activities overall will probably drop down to nada in the near future.

Anyways, Chew plans on putting up whatever he damn well pleases, whenever we damn well pleases to do it.  Whether peeps read it or not, it’s all fish gravy to the Grandmasta, as I’m doing it for ME!!!!!  Damn right, suckas are feeling a bit selfish right now.

Keep the eyes open for poetry, vids of me doing what I do, purtty pictures that I have composed and thoughts and opinions on the world and the foolios that  scatter about it.

Until then, Stay Blak… sucka.


~ by Té on October 27, 2009.

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