How an Old Soul Rolls Pt. 1

many suckas displaced
time and space not aligned
unable to relate to a mind,
much maligned

been labelled an old soul
by peers and subjects
find much out there today
extremely suspect

what the heck happened
to our own common sense?
why do so many individuals
lack the respect

for one another?
smoother each other with a gun
over the insignificant moments
and foo-foo petty ones

instant gratification
is the name of the game now
no rules or guidelines
to restrain the untame, wow

it’s a shame that it’s now
all about ducats
rub two pennies together
to drop in the bucket?
well fukit

how much can they profit
before enough is enough?
stocks plummet like the average
of a hitter that slumps

his name’s dow jones
and now roams in the dumps
rummage through your scraps
when your income tax ain’t enough

~ by Té on October 27, 2009.

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