Fun with Wood!!!

Day 2… Early morning…  Let’s blog!!!

Well, a couple of weeks ago we were introduced to one of the greatest inventions of all time.  No, not the Snuggie, although, there was one present at the time…  Instead, Chew was privileged enough to be challenged to a game of Jenga…  Jenga???  Je-je-je-Jenga!!!  Over the past few days we have been recovering from a Jenga-related knee sprain, but it was well worth the discomfort. 

After a few minutes of taking a block from the bottom and putting it on top, the Grandmasta was HOOKED.  Damn, that shit is fun.  If you’ve never played it, then you simply cannot fathom the joy found in poking, pulling and prodding at a weebly-wobbly tower, while crazy people yell in your face with hopes of putting you off your game.

If you have played it before, then you know that the experience is only enhanced further when adult beverages are included.  Not too many things in the world beat watching a group of “happy” people attempt to steady shaky hands, with more determination than grass growing in concrete.

Every home should come equipped with the basic necessities of life.  Water, electricity and Jenga.  It unites strangers and ends wars.  Go get a set!  And if you have one, break that sucka out more often and have a few shots and laughs in the process…   Word.

Christmas comes early!!!  THE JENGA PISTOL!!!

~ by Té on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “Fun with Wood!!!”

  1. This is ALL true!! I have a great picture to display said “crazy people yelling in your face with hopes of putting you off your game”…lol….( I just have to figure out how I can post it on here?!!)

    BTW, Mike said he beat you, and Gabboe said she beat Mike- so does that mean Gabbie beat you too?? lol REMATCH!!!!

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