Happy Tee-Pee and Candy’s Eve

A Traditional Irish Hallowe’en Jack-o’-lantern… Pretty dope.

Well, that fun day is almost upon us, and as per usual, our procrastinating behinds are without celebratory costume… Two separate functions to attend in the next few days and nothing to wear. This should be fun.

Can’t really say the ‘official’ name of this day, as we now bask in the World of Political Correctness… Bah!!! Aside from ignorance and overall stupidity, the Politically Correct Movement has single-handedly killed any notion of common sense in the universe. You know how it goes… The office Christmas party has now become ‘Winter Gala’ or ‘Holiday Gathering’ or whatever the PC bull crap phrase-o’-the-day is.

As for Candy Day, it’s pretty cool that this festivus falls on the weekend, providing many an individual more than one excuse to dress up, get wasted and act the fool. Yup, putting on that mask after a few tequila shots will have anyone believing that their actually Captain Jack Sparrow, Bumble Bee or a naughty nurse. No one will ever know their true secret identity… Until the pics are posted up on a site and they are tagged for all to see!!! 😀

In the meantime, Chew is on a last-minute hunt for the not-so-perfect disguise, that can easily be recycled within the next decade!!!

~ by Té on October 29, 2009.

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