Freebie Friday: Colin Munroe

In a shameless attempt to draw more eyeballs and clicks to this wonderous site, the Grandmasta Chew has concocted a strategy guaranteed to bring you back… FREE STUFF!!!!!!!

So, here’s the master plan. Every Friday, we shall provide a link to FREE, and more importantly, LEGAL music!!! I know, I shouldn’t have. You’re welcome!

If you’re lucky enough to know of the Grandmasta, then you’ll be well aware that our musical tastes resemble a bag of Skittles. We listen to pretty much anything and everything, as long as it’s DOPE!!! You won’t get much “commercial fluff” here. Nothing from Flow, KISS 93.5, or Z-103… Strictly the goodness ’round these parts…

And without further ado, our first offering to you is Colin Munroe’s album, The Unsung Hero.

Chew is  feeling kinda out of it right now, due to lack of sleep and work that has been ignored since getting in, so we’ll just steal a little bit of Wiki right here:

Colin Munroe is a music producer and singer/songwriter originally from North Gower, Ontario, who now resides in Toronto. Unsung Hero was released on December 1, 2008.

Here it is (just click the pic to download the album), as well as a video. Enjoy:

colin munroe - unsung hero

~ by Té on October 30, 2009.

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