Bangs: Bad Man from the Sudan!!!

Every once in a while, something or someone comes along that shakes the very foundations of your beliefs. Things that you would normally reject and dismiss are now seen in a more favorable light. Oddities become awesome. The gaudy, now great.

Such a serendipitous moment befell us last week, and it’s only right that we share the wealth. Many of you will have seen him before, but if not, allow Chew to present to you…

The Great BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if you don’t find that to be stupendous, there’s something wrong with you!  Not only does he pay for the movie AND buy the popcorn, but he also knows just what size you like… SHAWTaY!!!

From his bio:

Bangs is a 19 year old rap artist born in North Khartoum, Sudan. At the age of 11, he moved to Egypt with his family after his Father married another wife. He spent two years there before coming to Australia in 2003.

He has been writing rap, hip hop and pop since settling in Melbourne in 2004.

“Music is my wife”, Bangs sang in a live jam recently. He writes about life, love and hope and his music grows with him till the end of life.

He recorded his first demo “Girlfriend” in 2005 with DJ Wasabi in Collingwood, then started to lay down tracks in his home studio.

In July 2008, he recorded his first professional album at Gateway Living Music Studios, titled “Hard to be Up”. Produced by John Favaro and Paul Last name, it features the new hit single “Take U to Da Movies”.

The name “Hard To Be Up” means that he worked so hard to put the songs together to make the album.

He is constantly stretching his creative abilities, and is already working on his next album, with the working title “Am Still Moving On”.

Don’t hate!!!  A-ha!!!  This may infact single-handedly change the rap game, FOREVER!!! 

Who needs big budget studio equipment, or Hype Williams directing your video?  As your boy Bang$ demonstrates here, you simply require a skilled college intern or your neighbours digital cam and a Mac Book and you’re set!

Seriously though, this is so much better than the get jiggy wit it bling-bling chat that’s on the radio these days.  Not only is Bang$ illustrating his desire to show his girl a good time, but he’s doing so without bringing up sex or taking her clothes off.  Simply ensuring that she’s happy is more than enough for him.

Now tell us, can you ever see Lil’ Wayne or Jay-Z doing that???


~ by Té on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bangs: Bad Man from the Sudan!!!”

  1. oohhh…who knew Bangs was an upcoming Artist from the Middle East- whaaa! I like him….he’s young but seems to know what he wants. ( which oddly enough, it isn’t a “stripper up on that pole” or to “Fuck all Night”….kinda refreshing…his accent is gonna sell him!! I’d like to see how far this kid makes it. Nice of you Chew to put his name out there!

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