Elizabeth Lambert: Hungry Like el Lobo

Anyone that has seen the Score, Sportsnet or ESPN over the past week, or is a soccer fan in general should already be aware of the high-larity that ensued during a Mountain West Conference semi-final women’s soccer match betwixt New Mexico and BYU.  It was vicious, criminal, and down right stunning.  Just keep your eyes on #15 in red here:

The Grandmasta can honestly admit that there’s no ill will harboured towards Elizabeth Lambert here.  Sure, she’s apparently 11 eggs short of a dozen, but who’s really to blame in all of this mess?

The first criminal in this caper has got to be the one individual that wields ultimate power in any sporting event, the ref.  Big question for anyone with a heartbeat, where was this MOFO????   It’s not like Lambert’s antics occurred within a solitary incident. 

This chick was going medieval on her opponents for the entire match.  Not really sure what the catalyst of this madness was, aside from the Lobos being down by one…  but Mr. Magoo clearly should have been aware that there were a few excessive fouls taking place.  Now, let us for argument’s sake chalk up the referee’s non-activity on severe affliction of Helen Keller-itis…

Instead, the focus should really be fixated on others, namely THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHAM YOUNG.  How in all things holy is Lambert allowed to assault this team and NO ONE stands up to her.  Not the players she attacks, not the victim’s teammates, not even the coaches and players on the sidelines.  Someone should have ran across the pitch and delivered a swift Liu Kang flying kick to her Adam’s Apple.

Mad props to Lizzy though for her flying, twin fisted combo!!!

~ by Té on November 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Lambert: Hungry Like el Lobo”

  1. Elizabeth Lambert is a junior at the University of New Mexico, and plays for their soccer team the Lobos originally from California (too bad for California). So, this loser knows they are going in to a game that they will most likely lose and since they do not have the talent to score they resort to this kind of play, it has very minor thought to it than let’s say passisng the ball through your opponents defense and scoring a goal.

    The other issue is the where were the referees, were they all older white men with their tongues out, enamored and unable to call the game objectively (this game had so many penalties that did not get called), I mean what are they getting paid to do. Who has paid these guys off? Do we have to change the game where only women referees can call women games. After watching the video someone was paid off, that is my conclusion.

    And Lizzy, watch you back and please stay out of soccer (you real should be banned, the game does not need people like you in it), so many will be gunning for you now. Who knows maybe you were just drumming up business for your “Occupational Therapy practice”, yah good luck with that, I doubt your bed side manner is any different from your sportsmanship.

  2. […] Elizabeth Lambert : Hungry Like a Lobo. Anyone that has seen the Score, Sportsnet or ESPN over the past week, or is a soccer fan in general should already be aware of the high-larity that ensued during a Mountain West Conference …Read More […]

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