Crate Diggin’: Shifting The Blame

Chew has a TON of old tracks that were compilated during the elementary and high school eras. This one here is definitely one of the favorites.

Performed by Sir Chewy Rapskallion and Simplex, the subject matter of this little diddy isn’t your normal rap fair.

Religion, “God’s” purpose, and war are the items covered here, with the title, ‘Shifting the Blame’, illustrating the direction taken… People experiencing hardships, either choosing to except their fate, battling for change or ‘passing’ the blame onto a higher power.

Written during moments of self-discovery, there was an exploration of two unique outlooks on life at that time.

Simplex documenting his childhood, living in a war-torn country, eventually escaping the hardships and starting anew on the other side of the world.

Chewy provided his view on religion and how many individuals use it as a crutch, leaving things up to the gods to either rescue them, or dole out punishments.

Sampled, produced, mixed and recorded by Chewy many moons ago on a shifty, yet reliable Pentium II and a karaoke microphone, the track is gritty. The audio quality definitely illustrates this, but it works on a whole, and the Grandmasta is still proud of the overall outcome.

Let suckas know what you think.

~ by Té on November 19, 2009.

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