Gone, ’til Forever…

No music or vids today…  Feel like spewing some personal thoughts on this wonderfully gray and foggy day…

Well, this is officially the last day for the team in our present office building.  Not really sure how to feel and in all honesty, it has still yet to register.  Just another day around these parts, for now.  We suppose the expedition of this expedition’s timeline from 1 month to almost 2 days has not provided ample moments to process these events.

The only difference today from any other is that things are a little bit messier (if at all possible) and a hell of a lot more dusty.  Looking about, we could each start up our own dusty bunny colony.

The Grandmasta has been here for the past 5 years, in 3 different positions, starting at out on the lowly help desk.  It’s only the 2nd company Chew has worked for since finishing school (for the 3rd time).  There have been many a high and a crazy number of WTF moments.  No lows though. 

Can’t let work bring you down.  Once a sucka is free from these walls at the end of the day, it’s all fish gravy!!!  We don’t cower at the sight of execs and big wigs.  In the World of Chew, they’re all the same bag of bones and water as anyone else.  Don’t fear the machine!!!  🙂

Anyways, this change is certainly a welcome one.  We are definitely not one to be resistant to change or that which is different.  The daily trek to and monotonous activity of our vocation has left a blemish on the Grandmasta’s outlook on life and very own existence.  We were not meant to become the worker bee.  There is a lot more out there than just sitting in front of a laptop all day, correcting the follies of others, while they complain about elements that they know nothing of.

We were feeling much like the Prisoner, but definitely NOT that craptastical mini-series remake from aMC.  What the hell was that shit?  Wow, we’ve never watched anything quite as depressing.  So much promise, yet so much suck.  Even with Magneto playing a crucial role in the story, there was nothing drawing our interest here.

And yet, we can fully relate to the invasion of privacy plotlines, unwillingness to succumb to corporate controls and the feeling of being part of something, while never truly belonging.

We know this change may only bring temporary reprieve from the clusterfuck of  confusion that sometimes takes place here, but if executed in a proper manner, it may be the catalyst needed to bring forth more permanent desired tidings.

One thing that will be missed is our view.  We sit at the foot of a massive 12ft+ window.  We see EVERYTHING and get a ton of sunlight during the summer.  Trust Chew, suckas in this building are mightily jealous.  We’re sure that our hastily planned move was somewhat related to some big wigs desire to expropriate our fabulous real estate.

Meanwhile, the vultures have been circling our cubicles for the past 2 days.  It’s quite pathetic.  You want our desks?  Fine.  But PLEASE, allow us to actually gather our belongings and move out prior to you sniffing around with your ugly mugs waiting to peck at any remaining morsels.  We had to set a few foolios straight already this morning. 

So, while we Trojans continue to keep the Greeks at bay, we will bring light to this dreary day and say, “God bless America Olivo!!!!!!!”

That is all…

~ by Té on November 24, 2009.

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