Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all!!!

Tiger Woods?  Only human?  Say it ain’t so!!!

You mean, one of the richest, most famous persons in the world is allegedly incapable of keeping his clubs to himself?  We cannot believe such lies.  Celebrities are god-like role models.  They can do no wrong. 

So what if they’re somewhat promiscuous and enjoy dabbling in drugs and other fruits of their labour?  Who are we to judge them and neglect them from consuming the ambrosia?

Whether Eldrick Tont’s vehicular adventure was related to some extra curricular hanky-panky or not, it’s clear that many are readying up the firing squad for his Cablinasian :)backside.   Seriously though, is anyone really even surprised by al of this?  A multi-billionaire, jetsetter with women all over the world?  That status is not reserved for the likes of Trump and Bond alone.

Until now, this man was the ultimate in teflon.  Nothing really stuck to Tiger in terms of controversy, because there just wasn’t any there.  Rarely has anyone of such prominence been so capable of providing absolutely zero insight into their thoughts and beliefs.  The next closest subject would probably be Michael Jordan.  These men are brands first, people second. 

Tiger didn’t have the overbearing sports parents, feeding him Speed or abusing him.  There were no allegations of mistresses, gambling debts or drugs.  Tiger was simply a gifted athlete, with fantastic upbringing, a supermodel wife, and more money than this fellow…

While we’re not condoning what he may or may not have done, ultimately, it’s none of our business.  Every time Chew hears people criticizing celebrities for their indiscretions, the Grandmasta feels that a rabbit punch to the back of their collective heads is in order. 

It’s bad enough that the masses elevate and worship these individuals to undeserving heights, and yet these same sheep are hastily on guard, prepared to bash the pedestal’s foundations and bring them down.

Now Tiger doesn’t want to talk to the cops and/or media and people are wondering why.  Guess what… HE’S NOT OBLIGATED TO DO SO!!!  Nor, should we be expecting him to.  If you’re caught up on this fact or any of the other personal facets of this, then it’s high time you lemmings get the stepping…

The celebrity world is a distinct selection of the human gene pool, but it’s still made up of people like yourself.  The group will contain all kinds of personalities and traits, from the saints to the psychos.  Just because someone can swing a club, or cry on cue in front of the cameras, does not mean that they are infallible.  We all have faults, so stop judging a sucka and leave him be!

Look, we’re all capable of doing things that are not particularly acceptable to society or deemed to be ‘normal’.  Whether it be Ron Artest and his bi-polar activities, or Chad Ochocinco being the class clown, or Mel Gibson acting like a drunken lunatic, it’s all fish gravy. 

If you’re not screwing Tiger, carrying his child or in any way directly connected to him, we advise you to alter your gaze and concentrate on your own life, including the family and friends that should be a part of it.  The world, and your life in general, will be better for it! 🙂

On a lighter note, this entire incident brings back memories of this little tune here ——>CLICK ME!!!

Either this dude is clairvoyent, or he knew something that no one else did!

~ by Té on December 1, 2009.

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  1. Point made

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