Dalia Dippolito’s Dumb to Death

Hot off the heels of Tiger’s domestic disturbance, we’ve stumbled across this little gem.  Chew is well aware that this is set a few months back, but it still boggles the mind.   See?  This is what happens when professional escorts and marriages mix.

Imagine coming home after a long day at the tanning beds, only to be greeted by Boynton Beach’s finest in law enforcement. The news they have to share is not of a joyous nature. In fact, your newly wedded husband has been MURDERED!!!!!!!!! 😮

However, much like the great Keyser Söze’s motives, all is not quite what it would appear to be…  Things only get worse for our fair Dalia.

Hmmm… Let’s see, where shall we start???

Find and marry the love of your life? Check.
Live together as newlyweds for 6 months? Done.
Bribing an undercover cop with $3000, in order to have your husband murdered? You betcha!
Hatch the most ridiculous murder plot this side of Sweeney Todd in Saw 7? Damn straight!!!

Great video showing her ambush here.   Go on… we’ll give you time to click the sucka and take it all in.

How shit must she have felt when her husband came waltzing into the interrogation room? 

Michael?  Michael, come here Michael.  Come here!

Ha!!!  She is soooo fucked.  They clearly have video evidence of the alleged plot and conversation, with a cop as the main witness!  What can she possibly say now?

Michael Dippolito’s lawyers had some gangsta smirks on their faces…  Probably thinking, “Damn, this is probably the easiest case we’ve ever had!!!”

Need more proof of her incredible stupidity???  Newly released documents also allege that Dalia once tried to poison her husband with anti freeze and tried to set him up, to make it look as if he was a drug dealer.  Wow.  Perhaps she should have stuck to just being an escort, as she clearly doesn’t have the brains to do much else.

Michael, what were you thinking???  You marry someone with that background and expect it to be all puppy dogs, rainbows and candy corn???

Now, you tell me this isn’t the face of someone that could use a good beat down!!!

Lesson for today kiddos…?  No matter how bad you think YOU have it, there’s always someone out there willing to screw up their lives just as much, and do so all on their own!

Keep your head up, Tiger!!!


~ by Té on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dalia Dippolito’s Dumb to Death”

  1. Wow, do people like this actually exist outside the movies? Being the first I’m hearing about this, I thought this was some kind of joke!!?? Who spends there lives plotting such events? Why sacrifice soooo much of your time, money, and self worth for this kind of life? Did she actually believe she was going to get away with it? AND if she really did…would the rest of life be happy and fulfilled with the house and money she killed for? huh…
    I just don’t get it……

    got any pictures of the hit man’s target??

  2. I WOULD RAPE THE FUCKIN HELL SHIT OUT OF DALIA’S HOT LATIN ASS. I mean, if she tried to kill me I’d throw her ass on my bed and make her suck my horny cock. Then I’d rape her ass so hard, she’d never want to try to kill me again. I mean, a white guy’s gotta have his hoes. Yeah you know what the fuck I’m talkin about you bitches. Yeah, who do we rappers fuck? That’s right, them sexy immigrant bitches.

  3. She has elevated lying and deception to an art form. I am impressed that she denied everything in her phone call to Mike. You could hear that he still felt for her.

    From what I read, Mike is no saint. He got a two year prison sentence for running a boiler room operation. He has done a number of bad things.

    She describes him as a sweet nerd … that she can’t stand.

    She has several boyfriends and customers on the side while she was married.

    I live in Bangkok on lower Sukhumvit and this type of story goes on every day. Dalia fits right in with the Thai bar girl nightlife.

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