In Search of Marigold

Happy Tuesday!!! We’ve cracked the 1100 visitor mark, already??? Never expected to reach that point so soon…

We’re coming off one of the best weekends to be had in a long while.  Last week had been pretty rough on the mind and body, and a positive switch was definitely needed.

Episodically, Chew tends to channel his inner Polkaroo, disappearing from the sight and collective psyche of many friends and acquaintances, only to manifest in the most unlikely situations. 

We were called out on it on FOUR separate occasions in a 24 hour span…  Whoa!!!  It’s a bad habit for sure, but there is joy to be found in the occasional moments of solitude.  Performing the Dance of the Worker Bee can be taxing chore.  One that requires spiritual cleansing and a mental recharge, once in a bit.

Then, when the time is right, Polkaroo steps out of the shadows like a ninja, to lay assault on the world and enjoy the good life.  This past weekend was one of these fantabulous moments.

There was the birthday party, that never was, because the B-Day girl couldn’t hold her liquor past dinner.  She went home, but a few of us decided to soldier it on.  Things eventually morphed into a dopetastic night at an unlikely venue. 

When your expectations are low for an evening, or disappointment kicks things off, even the smallest of surprises can be the most enjoyable…

The following day belonged to the work X-mas party, complete with CASINO!!!  Our presence was made solely for the $10 steak and chicken dinner.  We won prizes both for massacring the unknowing in poker AND in a random draw, with each item being well received…  Can’t ever go wrong with free .99 pricing, but when the rewards were as good as the ones awarded, who needs Santa???

After our departure and assembling with the Clan, we embarked on a quick sojourn for shwarma… yeah, MORE FOOD.  Across the street, was a small bar/restaurant that a friend of ours DJs at.  Chew walked right on in, something that is near IMPOSSIBLE to do on a regular Saturday night, and saw many a persons that had not been seen in a minute.  Definitely a welcome surprise, although the stay was short-lived.

This festivus evening concluded with a 3-storey house party at a friends’ joint, in Little Portugal… It was a birthday celebration like no other. Charlie Murphy would have been proud!

The bashment featured really great house musics and all in attendance were as down-to-earth as a sucka can get. Our Clan departed just after 5 in the morning, and the place was STILL packed with party people dancing and smiling!!!  Once again, we got to see some of our favorite people in life, which is never a bad thing…

Homeboy DJ Dirty Dale did his thing most of the night, as only he can. He was the Head-DJ-In-Charge at the Grandmasta’s B-Day party a couple of years back.  Most of the peeps that were in attendance to honour the Grandmasta that evening were not fans of the house musics. On that particular occasion, Dirty Dale changed all of that!  We highly recommend his podcast here —> DJ Dirty Dale Podcast

In the meantime, Polkaroo’s tenure is currently on hiatus and shall remain so until it’s too damn cold for his spots to handle.  No worries though, he’ll have his “Marigold” around to keep him going! 😉

~ by Té on December 8, 2009.

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