How an Old Soul Rolls Pt. 2

spying electronic eyes
can’t hide from the damned
big brother’s all grown up,
wise and is now the man

his weekly spun plans
have abilities to get ya
feces flung to fan
grab digi, take a picture

stand by my ideals
strong as roman pillars
not down to figure
or subscribe to the twitter

simply unable to relate
to your tweet
affixed to this technology
glued to the screens

informational attacks
draw tractor beams
but it’s an artificial fact
and it all seems whack to me

seen using the goggles
of virtual realities
decision makers actually
lacking rationality

destined for a future
where we’re symbolically nutured
robots become tutors
and nerds have sex with computers

once treasured privacy
has become foreign to ya
victims of piracy
trap souls like a hoover

~ by Té on January 2, 2010.

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