Freebie Friday: Skyzoo – Corner Store Classic

Word on the street is, the game just ain’t the same.  Hip hop has lost its lustre.  The art of the emcee is dead.  In the words of Talib,

“All these thug niggas wanna rap, and all these rap niggas wanna thug, and all y’all fucking the game up!”

Well, thankfully for all the true connoisseurs of the genre this isn’t necessarily the case. 

Today, we present to you: Exhibit A


The link —————-> Download ME!!!!

While it’s been around since 2007, Skyzoo’s Corner Store Classic is still one of the best mixtapes we’ve heard in a long while.  The mixtape craze on a whole has kept us interested in hip hop to this day. 

Most commercial albums just do not possess the quality to command sufficient longevity.  There are always aspects that bog down the product on a whole, with a sense of lackadaisical effort and label interference.  The mixtape brings things back to the roots…  Dope beats and dope rhymes.  What more could suckas want?

Due to the recent Festivus season, we have missed consecutive Freebie weeks…  Hopefully, this sucka more than makes up for it!  Enjoy!


~ by Té on January 8, 2010.

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