Be Like Moses…

…or some crazy Right-Wing Politician (we see you Sarah Palin). 

The Sulty Ms Palin

In celebration of one Ms Palin joining the rest of the Looney Toons on Fox *ahem* “News”, we have linked the masses to a fun little excercise.   This is guaranteed to be a lot more fun than having to listen to Bill O’Reilly’s nonsensical spew… 

Separate them suckas from the evil others…  You can figure out which side is which! All of the above, perhaps??? 😉

The Separation of Church and State <—–CLICK ME!!!!!!!

Would have embedded the Flash, but this site frowns upon frames, apparently.  Sheeeeeeeee-it….

~ by Té on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Be Like Moses…”

  1. Thanks for the Love. The Gospel according To Chew is now a staple on my site.

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