Times Hard on $tarbucks Blvd.

Is it Friday yet???  Damn…  Them science people weren’t kidding about winter blues and how insufficient vitamin D really messes with a brother’s health.

Recently, we have been terrible when it comes to getting a vital amount of rest.  You know the drill, tired all day, unable to sleep at night, near impossible to get up the next day.  This has been a continuous pattern since the end of summer. 

One of the reasons for this inadequate rest has been conveniently covered in a song off of the classic LONS album ‘Future Without a Past’… 

“Too much on my mind, I’ve got too much on my mind”

We’ll cover the reasoning behind the static-erratic mind maelström in another go ’round.  Instead, the topic of choice today is our lack of sleep remedy, for morrows such as this.  A quick fix, providing the insides with a jolt.  A jolt that has slowly lost its efficiency over time.  We be discussing Starbucks…

No, not that Starbuck, THIS Starbucks…

Anyways, this morning on the way to the hive, our eyes were drawn in by that shiny emerald scripting.  (Where can you drive for more than 5 minutes on this planet and NOT see a Starbucks???)  It’s lush green glow pulled us in like a gold digger to greenbacks.  For the first time in weeks, we actually had an adequate amount of rest, but still required a little bit more somethin’-somethin’.

After depriving ourselves of our regular, weekly, semi-bi-weekly coffee bean fix for a minute, we decided to reward ourselves for actually getting some well deserved rest.

So, the Grandmasta pulls into Starbucks like a superstar and promptly orders his staple meal replacement, a triple tall soy latte.  This sucka gets garnished with some sprinkled cinnamon and honey.  Scrumptious!

All seemed right in the world.  Sleep was becoming a regular part of a balanced day, it is warmer today than it has been in weeks, Arsenal is still near the top of the table and it’s almost Friday!!!  What more could a sucka want???  Wha-what?  What is that you say??  My triple tall soy latte is now a quarter minus two pennies short of SIX DOLLARS!!!!!!!  You’ve gotta be flipping kidding me!

Prior to actually trying the product, Chew had imposed a lifetime ban on $tarbucks because of their overly excessive pricing.  Then someone bought one for us and we tried it out.  The rest was history. 

Shit was still expensive, but was 10 times better than that ‘hot chocolate’ that Tim Horton’s tries to pass of as coffee.  No disrespect to those enslaved to the Timmy Ho’s craze, I occasionally drink the sludge too, but it cannot compare.  Hell, even McDonald’s coffee is better than Horton’s… word to big bird.

But, seriously though… SIX DOLLARS for a coffee???  When asked perplexingly why the price was as displayed, the barista responded, “Prices have gone up.” 

The price went up?????????  C’mon, seriously?????????  Maaaan, funk that! 

Our Starbucks latte is going to now have to become a monthly treat instead.  Better yet, we think it’s time to invest in a coffee press and just make the junk at home ourselves.  Sucks to your instant Folger’s Crystals!  We only deal in the beans.  The result of working at Timothy’s World Coffee’s for a year.  Spoiled a sucka rotten.

Come to think of it now, where HASN’T the Grandmasta worked???  We smell another post coming on…  That and some yummy triple tall soy latte.  Time to enjoy my six-dollar delight!!!  🙂

~ by Té on January 18, 2010.

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