Freebie Friday: DJ Kenny Ken and Hyper D

Well, we missed last weeks installment due to overall laziness, so the least we can do is provide the masses with a double dose of dopeness.  This one is a blast from the past…

Back in the late 90’s Toronto’s rave scene was the envy of many a town and city.  We were drawing in the best of the best from around the world and had even more calling our part of the globe home.  It seemed that every month there was something big going down, apart from the weekly parties that kept quick feet going well until the sun came up.

Those days quickly faded once drugs became more of the reason for teeny-boppers to come out, instead of the music.  Gone were the days of sitting in the Jungle Room, right next to the large speakers, and letting the base shake your solarplexis.

We’ll never forget the party we attended at the Ontario Science Center, which featured Maestro Fresh Wes.  It was a CRAZY venue to have a party, but the mood for us was somewhat dampened when this “kid” stepped up to us and uttered the following:  “Yoooooo guuuuy…  Wicked party, man!”  “I looove this stuff… how many did you drop??”

We were totally dumbfounded, not only by the slurred line of questioning, but also by what SHE uttered next.

“I’m on FIVE E’s, man!!!  I dropped FIVE!!!” :s

How was she still standing???????  Seriously, this chick couldn’t have been older than 16.  That right there, was the beginning of the end. 

After this came the overdoses, deaths and Mel Lastman.  Parties were pushed further underground, the big parties were virtually handcuffed, and a great, developing culture was suffocated due to ignorance of some that were attending and almost everyone who did not.

Thankfully, the music and vibe still lives on in the city, although not at the same level as that enjoyed in the past.

Also, we’re thankful for the Interweb and mp3’s that allow us to still go back and listen to some of the best of the best…  Here are parts one and two of a set done on May 1st, 1998, by DJ Kenny Ken and Hyper D @ Mach 1, in Toronto.

DJ Kenny Ken and Hyper D @ Mach 1 – PART ONE

DJ Kenny Ken and Hyper D @ Mach 1 – PART TWO


~ by Té on January 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Freebie Friday: DJ Kenny Ken and Hyper D”

  1. Thanks for the mixes, I’ll listen later when I’m not at work… it’s a shame when the drug scene kills the music scene. Something that happened to illegal raves in the UK years ago I think. Canada still has it’s dedicated listeners though and it’s nice to know people worldwide still love their drum and bass! A friend of mine (producer Shufunk) is playing a few gigs in Canada next month so I’m guessing the scene out there is still alive and kicking in some respects.

  2. Yoyoyo!!! We’re happy to hear that the Word has made it all the way out to other parts of the world!

    Glad you enjoy the musics, as well. We’ll try to get a few more classics up as the weeks go by.

  3. I’ll keep checkin, nice one mate

  4. I used to live for the Mach 1 set and haven’t heard it in an age. Thanks for the freebie!

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