Random Spout, On…

As of today, over 2500 INQUISITIVE SIMIANS HAVE HEARD THE WORD!!!  Nice.

A lot of randomness has been running rampant in our cranium and the pressure build up needs to be released.  Got quite a bit on the mind, so we’ll take this moment to quote the late, great Calhoun Tubbs…  “Gotta song for ya, like to here it, here it goes!”

  • Successfully cracked 3 eggs today, with the LEFT hand only!!!  We are well on our way to become supreme ninjas!!!
  • The next person that cuts Chew off while driving and then proceeds to give HIM the finger will feel the wrath of the content of his jar of nickels on their windshield.
  • Why is it that anytime something, whether significant or not, happens in the lives of footballers (soccer players, to others), they not only contemplate leaving the game, they ANNOUNCE it???  Friggin’ drama queens!
  • If it looks like a perv, acts like a prick, and talks like a pansy, then they are all those things, all the time.  *ahem* John Terry.  Wayne Bridge needs to knuckle up on that sucka…
  • Is there anything more ridiculous than Groundhog Day?  A bunch of old farts dressed as Sir Topham Hatt,  standing in front of a crowd of middle-aged parents, and their spoiled childrens, all the while holding a friggin’ oversized rodent!!!  And they place all of their hopes and dreams of the next 6 months on said rodent?????????????  Don’t you people work?  Go to school?  Have a sense of reality and what planet you’re on?
  • Speaking of John Terry rodents, it’s funny how people don’t mind squirrels, yet are afraid of mice and rats.  Last we checked, squirrels were nothing more than tree-rats with bushy tails.
  • There are two teams under the title of ‘Arsenal’ that we are enjoy watching:  One performed a fantastic set last Friday at the “Legendary” Horseshoe Tavern in downtown Toronto
  • The other shat the bed at the Emirates on Sunday against Man U.  Almunia must have had peroxide in his eyes on that first goal.
  • There is no better party in Toronto now than Footprints.  Nothing else to say.  Just GO!
  • We are Penguins fans, and have been since the days of Lemieux and Jagr’s mullets… but those two Leafs trades on Sunday really peaked our interest in the local team once again.  Haven’t cared about them suckas since the days of Gilmour.
  • The beginning of the end of an era begins tonight.  It’s sad, yet exciting, as we’re getting LOST tonight!!! See you in another life, bruva!!!

~ by Té on February 2, 2010.

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