Have You Heard???????

Watched the season premiere of LOST last night, after taking in the final two episodes from last year. WAAAAY too much to process immediately, so we’ll save our thoughts on that until later this week.      


Now, let’s get to the good stuffs… 

You know which group you want to be down with...


Just wanted to thank all the regular visitors to our little slice of the interweb. All the feedback and positive vibes has been well received. We do, however, have a suggestion.   

Perhaps it would behoove our frequent, regular, semi-regular, occasional and haphazard visitors to quell their anticipation for our next postings by subscribing to Chew, On This!!!  Seriously…    

 Why continually bask in agony, when you can simply click the little circlely-wave thingamajig CLICK IT, or , or  and enjoy the RSS feeds???   

Or better yet have updates emailed directly to your inbox!  We have conveniently added an EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION button at the top right of the screen.  See it.  Use it.  Love it.  

Oh yeah! Ain’t abusing technology to make our lives simpler just stupendous? So, what are you waiting for homeskillets???   

We will also be adding artwork (for sale) and a revamped look to the site in the upcoming weeks!! 

If you want, send all the cool people (and the uncool as well, cuz they could use the help) you know the link, as well.  Make it your good deed for the day!  


We have spoken…

~ by Té on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “Have You Heard???????”

  1. I haven’t caught Lost yet but I’ll say this. Never goto bed directly after “24” the dreams that shit gives you is crazy.

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