Freebie Friday: Dillagence


Feeling a little bit lazy, so we’re going to fall back on the tried and trusted fave, Mick Boogie!

This time, however, it’s actually quite convenient that the selection we’ve made coincides with an important anniversary in the world of good music: The passing of James Dewitt Yancey, aka Jay Dee, aka J Dilla, aka one of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists.

Despite passing away four years ago on February 10, his influence continues shine, and warm the eardrums of music aficionados world-wide. 

We have no need to sit here preaching about just how dope the sucka was is, nor how he made more heads move than a sucka armed with eviction notices.  Instead, we offer up a thick slice of goodness, in celebration of the fantastical dopeness… 

Mick Boogie Presents:  Dillagence – Busta Rhymes + J Dilla!!!(Juss Clik)

We have to admit, we haven’t been feeling ol’ Bus-a-Bus for well over a decade.  We grew tired of his music soon after the quick formation and utter disappearance of the Flipmode Squad.  (Rah Digga is STILL the shit though!!!)


In fact, Digga makes an appearance here, along with Q-Tip, Papoose, Cassidy and Talib…

Despite our initial reservations, The Grandmasta couldn’t pass up on hearing some good ol’ Dilla, and neither should any of you.  How could ANYONE not sound good over some Jay Dee beats???  ENJOY!!!!!!!! 🙂

And don’t forget to say, “Thanks!!!” lol…


~ by Té on February 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Freebie Friday: Dillagence”

  1. i still listen to dirty harriet on the regular.

  2. Yo Chewy!

    You know what’s the greatest thing in life bredrin????

    TO KNOW…..To know is the greatest thing!

    Nuff Respect for the link!

  3. That’s sick homey

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