In Search of Intelligence and Women’s Rights

First off, allow us to apologize to those of the female persuasion, to whom the following diatribe is in no way related to.  


Now that we have that piece of formality out of the way, we have to ask, WHAT IN THE BLAZING BLUE HELL IS WRONG WITH SOME OF YOU WOMEN??????????????  


And this is where David texted that he ‘LOVED ME!!!’


When did it suddenly become fashionable to advertise yourself as a hoebag??? Since when has it become common practice to not only sleep around, but then tell the whole world about it, at the most “opportune” time??????   

Many of these contemporary “women” have adopted a practice that not only demeans themselves in public, in hopes of garnering some fleeting celebrity, but also casts a damning shadow over the perception of women in society.    

These jackals first start off by befriending a man of high social rankings. Whether or not the relationship was initiated by the man or woman, is irrelevant. While it may be innocent at first, eventually the stakes are raised and things become much more intimate.    

The man in question is usually rich, famous, holds a position of power or any combination of the three. Looks and intelligence need not apply. He is also more than likely akin to Al Bundy, married (to a gorgeous wife)… with children.  


The woman is usually younger, with above average looks and more often than not, actually carries a great deal of intelligence… Or she is as dumb as a bag of hammers. There is no middle ground here.   


We don’t really care how or why these people get together, but what tends to follow is down right ridiculous.    

Eventually, something in the male player’s life changes, and it’s not always for the better. First, there is some sort of controversy that is publisized for all to see… whether it be some sort of illegal activity, bizarro domestic event or the get caught cheating. Sometimes, it’s more positive, i.e. A promotion, a huge victory in the sports world, or an election.    

From Monica Lewinski, to Devine Brown, to Ashley Dupré, to Rebecca Loos, hell… even Paris Hilton, there is clearly no shortage of women willing to flaunt their salacious activities for fame, and perhaps more eagerly, a quick buck.    

Recently, we’ve seen this phenomenon awaken during the Tiger Woods saga. Jezebels were coming out of the Ho Factory, as if the pimps were working overtime!

First there was Rachel Uchitel, then close to a dozen more floozies popped up like Punxsutawney Phil, telling anyone who would listen about how much of a ________ they are.   

The man invovled is just as much in the wrong, but what possesses a woman to throw out all of her morals for some time on Access Hollywood? Have we really sunk that point?    

Yesterday, we hit a new low. Toronto city councillor and TTC chair bigwig, Adam Giambrone, was outed by someone named Kristen Lucas. “Miss” Lucas, a 20-year old university student, alleges to having an “intimate relationship” with Giambrone. She also claims that he divulged inside information about upcoming transit fare hikes.    

We will not get into the validity or morality of this relationship, instead we’ll choose to focus on the mind numbing way in which this appears to be strategically timed.    

Does anyone find the fact that Giambrone has recently declared his candidacy for the role of Toronto’s next mayor to be just a little too coincidental?   


(On a side note… Adam, buddy…  text messages?  When are people going to learn??!?!  Do NOT do as Beckam or Tiger does!!! 🙂 )    

How convenient for Lucas to wait until THIS moment to go public with the alleged affair. If this were our daughter, she’d be getting a suplex, German-Overhead style.    

Kristen Lucas, the woman at the centre of the Adam Giambrone sex scandal, is an aspiring actress and model who ‘‘wants to be famous,’’ according to associates.

Why do these women throw out all of their dignity and go public with this junk? More so, should we even care anymore? Wow, another person of power has used it to get some tail… *gasp*!!!    


Back in the days, women were burning bras and fighting for equality in the world. It’s a struggle that is vehemently fought to this very day and will continue on as such. But, how much progress can really be made when these persons with a deficiency in judgment continue to burn their reputations and dignity instead????????    

The Cold Pimp Hand of Reality™ is waiting to be administered…

~ by Té on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “In Search of Intelligence and Women’s Rights”

  1. Don’t forget John Edwards and David Letterman. I liked your rant because we seem to be content with letting every “sex scandal” revelation follow a predictable course of shock>denial>apology>resignation without really digesting the story and trying to determine what it actually means for us.

    In a world where fame is a limited resource to be mined for dollars, the previously anonymous “other woman” has nothing to lose and everything to gain by tarnishing the name of their famous suitor for personal gain (except, as you pointed out, some degree of dignity which is nothing when self-worth is measured in dollars). It’s effectively a media coup, because the resulting media reaction can almost be codified into a predictable law: notoriety to be gained is equal to at least double the current fame of your former lover turned sacrificial lamb, multplied by the degree of their fall from grace.

    It’s baffling that public figures haven’t learned that by having an affair anyone who knows their secret basically has them by the balls, especially if they’re currently cashing in on a wholesome image.

    That being said, the Giambrone case deserves a second glance. Before lying to the press and denying his affair, what did he really do wrong? We let his scandal play out the same narrative as every other one yet there are some important differences.

    He’s not married to Sarah McQuarrie, she’s his girlfriend, and he certainly doesn’t have any kids with her. Also he’s only 32, and Kristin Lucas was totally legal and the sex was obviously consentual. I don’t think he deserved half the scorn he got, much less the repeated calls to resign from his job as TTC chair. Dude cheated on his girlfriend. Yeah its kind of a dick move, but big deal. He’s guilty of being a douchebag to his girlfriend.

    • Digging the insight here… Hope you’re enjoying the readings…

      Really have to agree with your take on the Giambrone fiasco.

      Never even thought of looking at it from the aspect that he wasn’t even married! lol…

      My only disclaimer though, is that I don’t condone his or any of the other men’s actions ahead of what the women are doing, but ultimately selling yourself out for fame and a quick buck is just as slimey.

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