Rinky Dink Tiddlywinks

stained remains bask
in a spillage of ink
knights and rooks shine,
pawns still on the brink

robbing armored metal
and pillage their zinc
until chinks expose weakness
like an Achilles’ heal dink

on mission, so stealth
civilians subliminally link
what’s easy to assume
doomed to deliberately think

what’s known, who knows
how deep it physically sinks
or what lies beyond the paws
of mystery’s sphinx

truth caught amongst the folds
of history’s kinks
until I iron out the process
because the theory won’t sync

see, my words don’t jumble
like a hillbilly thinks
my alphabet soup splashes
in a simile, drink

but don’t piss yourself, sucka
until you literally stink
and get wet, soaked
until one severely shrinks

in the dryer, feel the ire
of a clearly pissed blink
don’t mess with Medusa
before she eerily winks

~ by Té on February 16, 2010.

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