Crate Diggin’: DT3

We are closing in on five days now without our Blackberry.  The unit decided to no longer obey our thumb commands, thus, we are virtually locked out. 😦

Your Typical BB User...

So, this is what life was like prior to having the popular device surgically attached to our thumbs.  Gotta admit, it is quite liberating to not have the Blackberry Hunch going on, while navigating sidewalks, roadways and hallways. Travel safety has increased by a whopping 43%!!!

Live for the funk, die for the funk...

It’s definitely going to be a pain re-assembling numbers, pins and other contact info. Hopefully our emailing system has enough of it stored away.

We’re in a funky mood today (the good kind of funky) and felt like providing some more moldy oldies that bring out that good funk feeling…

Fret not though, we’re in the process of starting up the music creative juices very soon. More production and rhyming are on the horizon, along with some guitaring and perhaps keyboarding! 🙂

In the meanwhile, we continue to bang out the art pieces and prepare them for distribution on this site. The Prime’ 8 Contraband page is almost a go. Word.

This piece of goodness was produced by Ravi Aujla, and is one of our better tracks from the Reserved Style era… Word.


~ by Té on February 17, 2010.

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