Prime’ 8 Contraband, Now Available!!!

Well, we’ve finally decided to stop being such lazy lima beans and get down to business.  We initially created this blog not only to administer the Cold Pimp Hand of Reality™ in heavy doses, but also as a much-needed outlet.

We have a lot building up in our heads and over the decades discovered various media forms in which we could release the tension.  Without that creative spout, we wouldn’t be able to think straight half the time. 

Whether it’s via drawing, poetry, graphic design or just making some funky fresh tunes, there has always been an avenue to drive us away from the insanity induced by thinking too damn much! 🙂

Problem was, we never really shared it with anyone or did much with it.  Well, that shit’s gotta change, starting today.  Sure, it’s an obvious self-promoting tactic, but who cares?!?!

So, we now take this opportunity to invite and implore all you inquisitive simians to enter the mind of Chew, and see what junk has been banding about in their well-shaped cranium.

We’ve got nothing but the best in Five Sense Stimuli…


– Graphic Design and Sketches


– Songs and Production Samples


– Poetry and Rhyme

For you jive turkeys to enjoy… SO, DO SO!!!

That is all…

~ by Té on February 18, 2010.

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