Oh Happy Day!!!

Noooo…  Jeebus hasn’t exactly taken our sins away, but he might as well have.


Not really sure what the deal is this morning, but we’ve been in a ridiculously great mood so far!!!

Must be some sort of caffeine overdose, as we finally gave in today and went to visit the Little Green Monster on the way to the hive.

Coookie... No, wait... Caffeeeeeeeeeine!!!

To continue on this path of self-actualization, we’re actually contemplating on giving this “religion thing” another try.

After going through the whole Catholic merry-go-round as a youth, certain persons (CHEW) became disenchanted with the whole “holier than thou, because I go to church once a week and thus, am completely absolved of any and all wrong doings that I shall engage in during the other 167 hours of the week” mentalities.  No thanks.

Don’t get the Grandmasta twisted though, we ain’t atheists.  We do in fact believe in something.

  • We are children of the stars, really.
  • We came from monkeys, period…  Sheeeee-it we still are primates.  Things haven’t changed, last we checked.
  • In the U-N-I-Verse of all things matter, nothing is created and anything can be destroyed.  That matter stuff just keeps getting recycled.  (PROOF of reincarnation!!!!)
  • It’s obvious we came from somewhere…  Born of the Big Bang, only to be smothered by the point of technological singularity
  • blah blah blah, and so on…

Beware The Grey Goo!!!

Difference in the eyes of Chew is that didn’t mysteriously appear from  TWO PEOPLE placed down by some dude in the clouds or sitting in his big chair, overseeing his human “ant farm” here on earth.

Might as well start dismissing such tomfoolery as this whole dinosaur subject for the myth that it is!  Or worse yet:

It has been noted that simians possessing some sort of belief system tend to live longer, fuller lives.  Well then, sign a homeboy up!

This ain’t about the final countdown or trying to wind up some place warm when we’re dead, it’s simply trying to improve the Way of Chew and enjoy our brief existence here.

We’re going with the choice of Buddhism, mainly because we dig the portly little fella…

Seriously though, from the brief research we’ve done on Google (jokes!), it seems to fit best.  It’s not a religion, per se, demanding a suspension in the belief of all things logical, but more of a philosophy.

We’re definitely going to take our time with this one though and ensure that it’s the way to go.  Nothing wrong with trying to enrich one’s life and there’s only so much that the secular world can provide.

Damn, did we REALLY just write that?  Those that know the Chew know that he’s not one for the worship…

The Grandmasta will go into more details in a follow-up post, as I’ve already written far more than initially intended.

Until then, Stay Awakened!!! 🙂

~ by Té on February 25, 2010.

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