Felipe’s Got Skillzzzzzz

A little somethin'-somethin'...

Before we even write anything further, let us say this… “What a bloody fantastic weekend that was!!!”

Good job, Sid!!! The Ghost of Lemieux would be proud!!!

Chew has about 35% of his voice and 20% physical ability left after all that came to pass.

From the funky rhythms of Footprints, to almost killing his back in the gym, to watching some good ol’ Olympic hockey mayhem, suckas just couldn’t go wrong!  The mild weather was an added bonus…

Now, down to bidness…

Tough Crowd

What you are now bearing witness to is some of the wonderous creativity of one Felipe Arasanz Scolari!

From paintings, to writing, to improv, to guitaring, to sketching, to music, to assisting to the ladies, this homeskillet can do it all. A modern-day renaissance man, if you will. 🙂

It would behoove you all to click the link and go check out his goods: http://felipearasanz.com/

Gypsies Characters

Your life may well indeed be better for it… 🙂

~ by Té on March 1, 2010.

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  1. are you on linkedin?

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