Lookout Weekend!!!

Jumping music? Slick DJ’s? Not this time!

...because weekends were...

Man, is the Grandmasta ever tired. We’re typing this junk quickly, whilst taking a study break from the wonderful world of SQL scripting. ZZZzzzzzzzz…

It’s official, weekends are no longer made for fun. Them suckas were made for SLEEEEP!!!

Chew clearly is not getting the doctor’s recommended allotment of sleep, per night. Without weekends, it appears as if we would NEVER sleep.  Not even sure if what we’re typing now is even coherent… What day is this again???????

We’ve been traversing the 3+ hour, round trip downtown for some courses this week. This means Chew’s punk ass has been forced to rise when the sun couldn’t even be bothered to tickle the distant horizons of Durham.  We were NOT meant to be up before 5:30 in the friggin’ morning!

And, by the time we get back home, there’s barely enough time to breathe, between eating, minding the little monster and trying to study and retain the shit.

Thanks the sweet baby Jeebus that the weather has remained as stellar as it has. None of that snow bullshit please when we have to take the car, RT and train.

Speaking of which…  The Scarborough RT is fucking HORRID.  Don’t mean to swear, but the point needs to be made.  Where does one start?

BURN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between the ridiculously stank body odours, inconsiderate twerps that jump in front of everyone, just as the train is coming, little old ladies that bowl their way past you and you can’t even push the little runts back, and overall sardine-y-ness of the trains themselves, it’s no limo ride…

Oh, and let’s not forget the driver’s penchant for SLAMMING on the RT’s brakes, in the midst of turning out of Kennedy Station, WHILE the train is going down a hill (see above pic for exact location).  It’s clear we wouldn’t have to bring up the consequences of that scenario on a packed vehicle.

How do people do that shit everyday?

Next stop, Osgoode Station. Osgoode.

It’s about time they rid themselves of that antiquated junk and get some REAL subways in Scarborough.  While you’re at it, upgrade the trains and stations too, so they don’t look like they were designed to be sets from Beneath the Planet of the Apes!!!

The final straw though is, when does not get a seat in time, and said individual is forced to STAND for the entire journey, no matter how tired a sucka may be…

Perhaps Chew needs to invest in one of this chin-type things?

Anyways, thanks Jah this week is almost over, so that we can finally sleep like normal people again… Even if it’s only for a few days.

Back to studying, and hopefully, some sleep.


~ by Té on March 4, 2010.

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