Gorillaz and a Little Dragon

Not in the mood to write, so… let’s force it!!! 🙂

Now for the hard part.  What the hell should we write about???  There’s so much going on in our heads, it’s hard to keep it all in line.

The whole conundrum is really tough to comprehend.  One would think that having a lot on the mind would make it EASIER to write, but not in this case.

In fact, trying to align our thoughts is almost as difficult as remembering which members of Jersey Shore were truly ITALIAN!!!

Actually, looking at that moving picture has moved us and provided a brief spark of creativity…  Yeah, we’re reaching here, but…  Let’s beat something up!

And in ‘something’ we mean your eardrums!

Over the past few months Chew has fallen back in love with his non-Hip Hop/House/Reggae self.  That means a lot of folky/electro/indie/Lo-Fi stuff.  Mainly, heavy on the Thao Nguyen, Little Dragon, Nicola Conte, Chromeo etc…

Then the Gorillaz have to go and put this out.

Sucka even comes with a dope cover!!!

Nothing combines what we’ve been feeling for better than this release.  And to make things worse, them suckas had to put not one, but TWO tracks featuring Little Dragon and the ever-so-yum-to-the-eardrums Yukimi Nagano!

Yum, on so many levels...

Chew is clearly to lazy to write anything intelligent, from this point forward, so…

Here’s one of the two tunes from the album:  Gorillaz –  Empire Ants Ft. Little Dragon Enjoy!!!

We give this collabo Five Snookie’s Down!!!


~ by Té on March 10, 2010.

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