What’s Colder Then Cold???

Now, we have and will forever continue to profess our sheer enjoyment of not only listening to, but watching the greatness of the interweb that is “Your boy, Bang$”.

Never before has an individual captured the essence of what is cool and pimped that sucka out like rent-a-mule.  Seriously…

Baby Gurrl, I’m not like them other boys…

I’m different guy, coming from the sky

Whateva I say, I neva lie

Go on, read that shit again.  Now you understand the true greatness and why he has become a sensation.  And of course, with success comes mimikry, and this attempt to bottle that which cannot be bottled usually fails.  And when that shit fails, it’s baaaaaaaaad.

It’s so coooooold in the D

How da fuck do we ‘sposed to keep da peace?

Honestly, I think my brain just lost a few cells after trying to ponder an answer to said question.

So, as a warning to all suckas and jive turkeys who think that they too can be like Bang$, we offer up this warning video.  Let this stand a public service announcement to all, as we pray that no one else falls victim to their own delusions.

We have now done our good deed for the day…  After the vid, go check out the latest shipments coming in HERE and don’t forget to subscribe (we mean you too, Malla).


~ by Té on May 12, 2010.

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