What’s Colder Then Cold???

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Now, we have and will forever continue to profess our sheer enjoyment of not only listening to, but watching the greatness of the interweb that is “Your boy, Bang$”.

Never before has an individual captured the essence of what is cool and pimped that sucka out like rent-a-mule.  Seriously…

Baby Gurrl, I’m not like them other boys…

I’m different guy, coming from the sky

Whateva I say, I neva lie

Go on, read that shit again.  Now you understand the true greatness and why he has become a sensation.  And of course, with success comes mimikry, and this attempt to bottle that which cannot be bottled usually fails.  And when that shit fails, it’s baaaaaaaaad.

It’s so coooooold in the D

How da fuck do we ‘sposed to keep da peace?

Honestly, I think my brain just lost a few cells after trying to ponder an answer to said question.

So, as a warning to all suckas and jive turkeys who think that they too can be like Bang$, we offer up this warning video.  Let this stand a public service announcement to all, as we pray that no one else falls victim to their own delusions.

We have now done our good deed for the day…  After the vid, go check out the latest shipments coming in HERE and don’t forget to subscribe (we mean you too, Malla).

Wu-Tang Clan v The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chamber

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Once vanished,
Now Chew is back with persistence
No jive turkey amateurs
Can match in this pimpness

Suckas run and hide,
Done sooner, this instance
And change their backsides
They maneuver in pissed pants

Coming back to attack
Like a swarm of pissed ants
You see this flow coming
It’s clear in the distance

I bring forth to y’all peeps
this dope piece de resistance
It’s smoother than fleece
So don’t go wasting this chance

Wu-Tang Clan v. The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chamber

You’re welcome… 

New Contraband Site

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After further review, we have deemed it behooving of us to make some changes to the site.

The Word of Chew was created in order for us to get out whatever was bouncing around our heads, but that was all that it was intended for.

Our Prime’ 8 Contraband work, on the other hand, was something that we feel needs its own space… lest it get lost in the shuffle here.

All of our graphic design, drawings, writings and music have now been moved here.

So, click the link and go check that sucka out!

Funky Monkey Strut Now on ZIP Drives!

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Last night, we embarked on the process of clearing out some of the obsolete media that has taken over our long forgotten storage space.

The sun was out, so why not get an early jump on spring cleaning? Can’t lie though, after viewing an episode of Hoarders recently, we didn’t need much more motivation! 🙂

Chew's Domicile???

From books, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, to LP’s, to video game cartridges, to VHS and DVDs and literally HUNDREDS of compact discs, we feel that we have enough representation of music and videos from the past three decades.

But, lo and behold we stumbled upon something else. A media long forgotten, and for damn good reason too…
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Absolutely Mind Blasting H&M Bum-rush

•March 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

The place:  H&M

The location:  Toulouse, France

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Gorillaz and a Little Dragon

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Not in the mood to write, so… let’s force it!!! 🙂

Now for the hard part.  What the hell should we write about???  There’s so much going on in our heads, it’s hard to keep it all in line.

The whole conundrum is really tough to comprehend.  One would think that having a lot on the mind would make it EASIER to write, but not in this case.

In fact, trying to align our thoughts is almost as difficult as remembering which members of Jersey Shore were truly ITALIAN!!!

Actually, looking at that moving picture has moved us and provided a brief spark of creativity…  Yeah, we’re reaching here, but…  Let’s beat something up!

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Lookout Weekend!!!

•March 4, 2010 • 1 Comment

Jumping music? Slick DJ’s? Not this time!

...because weekends were...

Man, is the Grandmasta ever tired. We’re typing this junk quickly, whilst taking a study break from the wonderful world of SQL scripting. ZZZzzzzzzzz…

It’s official, weekends are no longer made for fun. Them suckas were made for SLEEEEP!!!

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Felipe’s Got Skillzzzzzz

•March 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

A little somethin'-somethin'...

Before we even write anything further, let us say this… “What a bloody fantastic weekend that was!!!”

Good job, Sid!!! The Ghost of Lemieux would be proud!!!

Chew has about 35% of his voice and 20% physical ability left after all that came to pass.

From the funky rhythms of Footprints, to almost killing his back in the gym, to watching some good ol’ Olympic hockey mayhem, suckas just couldn’t go wrong!  The mild weather was an added bonus…

Now, down to bidness…

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Oh Happy Day!!!

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Noooo…  Jeebus hasn’t exactly taken our sins away, but he might as well have.


Not really sure what the deal is this morning, but we’ve been in a ridiculously great mood so far!!!

Must be some sort of caffeine overdose, as we finally gave in today and went to visit the Little Green Monster on the way to the hive.

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Aesop and The Cyclops

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Mystified eyes
Glide high, to gaze
Upon all the sides
That one might survey
Past mountains on high
Through perpendicular plains
Over bottomless pits
Disguised by the haze

And the horizon, still surviving
Bathed in warm sun rays
‘Til the moon takes its place
On the end of days,
But nature’s memory will stay
The melody still plays
In my mind, all the time
It will forever remain
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Prime’ 8 Contraband, Now Available!!!

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Well, we’ve finally decided to stop being such lazy lima beans and get down to business.  We initially created this blog not only to administer the Cold Pimp Hand of Reality™ in heavy doses, but also as a much-needed outlet.

We have a lot building up in our heads and over the decades discovered various media forms in which we could release the tension.  Without that creative spout, we wouldn’t be able to think straight half the time. 

Whether it’s via drawing, poetry, graphic design or just making some funky fresh tunes, there has always been an avenue to drive us away from the insanity induced by thinking too damn much! 🙂

Problem was, we never really shared it with anyone or did much with it.  Well, that shit’s gotta change, starting today.  Sure, it’s an obvious self-promoting tactic, but who cares?!?!

So, we now take this opportunity to invite and implore all you inquisitive simians to enter the mind of Chew, and see what junk has been banding about in their well-shaped cranium.

We’ve got nothing but the best in Five Sense Stimuli…


– Graphic Design and Sketches


– Songs and Production Samples


– Poetry and Rhyme

For you jive turkeys to enjoy… SO, DO SO!!!

That is all…

Crate Diggin’: DT3

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We are closing in on five days now without our Blackberry.  The unit decided to no longer obey our thumb commands, thus, we are virtually locked out. 😦

Your Typical BB User...

So, this is what life was like prior to having the popular device surgically attached to our thumbs.  Gotta admit, it is quite liberating to not have the Blackberry Hunch going on, while navigating sidewalks, roadways and hallways. Travel safety has increased by a whopping 43%!!!

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